very late loli day post.

this was my first meetup and it was very nice seeing so many lolitas at lincoln park zoo. when my friend and i was lost a guy goes "are you looking for everyone else?" it just put a smile on my face that he knew who and what we were looking for.

the weather was chicago crappy-ish type with rain + humidity and LOTS of sun. all that added up to my curls falling :( oh well haha.

nice group pic of everyone <3

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im excited for my first meet up for international lolita day!!!

the friday before im gonna make yummy treats to bring with my friend who's a culinary student. shes my bestie and is coming with eventhough she doesnt dress in loli. shes the sweetest.

hopefully ill make lots of new friends and will have pics to post.

here for lolita <3

it has taken me forever to make a lj!

i go by kawaii regatta and i love lolita. ive been dressing in lolita for 2 years but not very often :( i do not know anyone that i can go out with all dressed up or have crafternoons with. it breaks my heart. im having a bit of a hard time ajusting to lj b/c ive been using facebook and myspace for so long. im going to do my best with this site and look forward to finding more lolitas to have a lovely time with.

type: sweet loli
fave colour: pink
fave hobbies: fashion & decoden
fav music: michael jackson <3333
location: chicago USA

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